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A veteran in Chemistry 👩🏼‍🔬, together with a Ph.D. Neuroscientist 🧠 and a Ph.D. Gynecologists🩸 have spent 1466 hours and tweaked 36 times our product formulation in order to develop the perfect CBD oil drops.

100% plant-based & organic ingredients

Our ingredient choices – the forms, what we include, and what we don’t – are all made based on what the woman's body really needs. Everything is organic and naturally prepared, sourced from the most trusted farmers and manufacturers across the world.​

No "high" whatsoever

Our CBD goes through an extra refinement step, a deliberate refinement step that removes even the smallest traces of THC possible. (<0.001%).

Broad-spectrum CBD for full potency

Our organic grown hemp goes through a slow supercritical CO2 extraction process that consistently produces higher-level CBD than manufacturers that cut corners to cut costs and save time.

Independently lab-tested and validated

Our individual product batches are rigorously tested by quality control specialists at every step of the production process and retested for both purity and potency by an independent ISO-certified laboratory.


By "no nasties", we mean no nasties. Our drops are GMO, gluten, heavy metals, and cruelty-free. And they contain zero artificial flavorings & coloring.

"This is my second bottle and I see not only a great improvement with my anxiety and bad thoughts during the day but also my chronic pain. Every time when I am sorting the ready laundry on my bed, after 3-4 minutes I feel lower back pain which now is gone. Amazing! Really happy with how I am feeling." - Tanya M.
"All I can say is thank goodness for this company. I’ve been ripped off twice for CBD oils with zero effect on me. Since I found this company, now I am the strongest believer in CBD, already hooked all of my friends to try it." - Boryana M.
"Love, love, love this product. I am so grateful that I found it even though I was debating for almost a month shall I buy it. These cbd drops changed my life. I was suffering lately from an anxiety disorder. For all ladies out there living with chronic anxiety – do not hesitate, just try it." - Anna D.

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