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Are you the type that buys virtually everything online? A lot of us get everything from clothes, to camping gear, to groceries online, so CBD oil should not be any different. Think of how relaxing it will be that all you have to do is to click and have the CBD oil delivered to your doorstep. There are however things you need to know before clicking that ”place order” icon.

Recently, CBD was legalized, and so the regulations concerning its sale and manufacture are still very loose. Take note that vendors often try to take advantage of selling substandard products to the public, and that particularly applies to individuals who buy online. When people are looking for an instant and cheap product, they are less likely to carefully check what they are purchasing, and the manufacturers are all aware of this.

When buying online, it is much easier to choose the product that looks the best, but there are some things you should look out for to ensure that what you are purchasing is of high quality, particularly when you are buying CBD. In this article, we have provided you with 10 things you should look out for when buying CBD online.

1. Where the Hemp was grown?

One of the factors you should look out for when you are buying CBD online is where it hails from and most importantly, what might be in it. Hemp is known to be a bio-accumulator meaning it is not very selective about the environment where it grows. It will absorb anything from the soil, air, and water whether it is good or bad. It is left to the grower to ensure that the hemp only gets good. The last thing you would want in your CBD are toxins, chemicals, and pesticides. When buying CBD online, look out for hemp grown organically that can be traced back to a US source. Always remember that when the hemp gets the good stuff, you will get the good stuff, so make sure the hemp is traceable to a reliable grower.

2. The amount of THC in the CBD Oil

There may often be time and a place for getting high, but we are very sure you want to decide when and where it should be. If you are doing something that requires your full concentration or at work, you probably would want to keep THC as far as possible from the picture and so will a reputable CBD vendor. For a hemp product to be considered legal in the EU, CBD must contain a maximum of 0.2% THC. Products that are the best contain none at all, so look for those if your concern is about having even trace amounts of THC in your body.

3. How it was made?

Most of the happenings in the CBD manufacturing process go hidden. When it is done right, the process used to extract CBD oil from the hemp plant can be so complex and does require expensive instruments. The best quality CBD is extracted using the ” super-critical CO2 extraction.’’ In this process, carbon dioxide is being used to pull out the CBD in a very cold environment to get the possible purest CBD. The lower quality vendor makes use of cheap methods to separate the CBD from the plant. Some of these methods may include dangerous toxic solvents such as propane and butane, which are used to light pilot lights on gas ranges and stoves. They do not have a place in CBD oil or its extraction. In most cases, a cheaper price tag does not mean a better deal. Check if the CBD you are buying online is manufactured using a CO2 extraction process. If you don’t do so you may end up paying a higher price in the very end.

4. Is the CBD isolate or whole plant (full or broad-spectrum)?

The high-grade CBD makes use of the whole plant. CBD isolates are well known, but they are just the cheaper portions of the plant and are not as effective as a full or broad-spectrum CBD. When the whole plant is being used, it means that you are having its full range of beneficial components. It is best to check the labels on your CBD oil for ”full spectrum” “broad spectrum” or ”whole plant” to be sure you are getting the terpenes and phosphates that give the CBD it’s extra punch. You should also check the website to get the whole picture on the ”whole plant”. If perhaps you do not see the information on the website, source for a contact number so you can get connected with a salesperson who can attend to your questions.

5. Third party lab reports

The most authentic quality checks on CBD oil online performed by third-party laboratories. These are laboratories that are not in association with the manufacturers that examine the CBD to make sure it meets the quality and required standards. Some companies do pass these tests, and others do not. If you want to be sure that your hemp is all it should be i.e a high concentration of CBD, pure extraction, and low concentration of THC, the easiest way to go about all of those at once is by checking the third-party laboratory results. A brand that is trusted will always have the third-party laboratory results being listed on its website or in its packaging. If you are having trouble finding the results, the brand should get a good customer service agent who will be willing to provide you with the information you need.

6. CBD Concentration

When you are buying CBD online, focus on the concentration. Many companies will water down their CBD oils to make a profit, unfortunately reducing the concentration level of the CBD down and lowering its effectiveness in the process. The good news is that there is a numerical standard for CBD concentration that will make sure you are getting exactly what you paid for and it should be easy to recognize the product’s labeling. A product with good quality will contain between 250-1000mg per fluid ounce. This means that if you see a product that is four ounces contain 250mg, the concentration is the only ¼ of what it ought to be. Divide the total amount of CBD in the product by the ounces contained in the container to get an accurate measure.

7. The price

The truth is, we all want a fair deal whenever we buy, and buying online is a great way to have comparison shopping, but remember that producing quality CBD is expensive, and perhaps if the price tag is suspiciously low, it certainly means that the company is cutting corners on the extraction methods and levels of concentration. Always put in mind, like everything else, you get exactly what you pay for. We are not saying you should ignore a good deal but ensure that you do your homework properly.

8. Beware of false advertising

CBD can help with elevated mood, relieve pain, lower symptoms of anxiety, and inflammatory conditions, but if you ever hear of a company claiming that their product can do pretty more than that, a reality check is probably in order.

9. Accountability

Perhaps if you fall prey to false claims from a company, you wouldn’t want to be the one left holding the bag. A reliable company will take accountability. This means that it will stand with its product and also guarantee its customer’s satisfaction.

10. The forms of CBD

CBD is now available in various forms each having its unique detriments and benefits. When you are buying CBD online, it is paramount to ensure that the CBD you are buying comes in the form that you want it to be. CBD oil is available in capsules, tinctures, edibles, creams, and vape form. These forms do not only differ in methods of ingestion and application, but they also vary in the amount of time they take to work and how long they can remain effective in the body.

Final thoughts

It is one thing to buy in stores and another thing to buy online. This article is meant to help you understand the things you need to take note of when you are buying CBD online.

Kindly contact us if you have any questions or if you need help buying CBD online. We’ll be glad to help.

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