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About Us


By women, for women.

Vertigo is experienced when standing at the edge of a cliff because, secretly, you contemplate the thought of jumping. Kana Wanders was created when that symbolic jump happened, only for the fall to transform into a rise. Resigning from a well-established career at the edge of a mental burn-out, Kana’s Wonderwoman created the brand out of necessity to experience vertigo as a liberating act with purpose. The purpose of empowering women to withstand vertigo and thrive. Only with the help of a microdose of courage and compoundness, scattered life is reshaped in a meaningful order. Created from a hardworking woman for hardworking women, Kana Wonders raises a community of self-realized balanced women. Drop by drop.


It's time.

With meticulous kitchen countertop and culinary chef oeuvres, the perfect mom, long-legged and fit, perfectly styled with a successful business and mentally very stable. There is a slight possibility such a superwoman does exist. Yet, if she has to adhere to the extremely high society standards, probably she`d be popping a good afternoon Xanax with her 5 o`clock gin. Daily. 

As a result,  take stability and emotional control out of the equation. Would She be still so desirable with her mental breakdowns, emotional rollercoasters and burnouts? 

Unless there is another way – to prioritise mental health and stability within as the real success and understand everything else has a shifty nature anyways. So why not sipping the gin with a sense of hedonism rather than need. And a drop of CBD.


Are you in?

Becoming the “burnout” generation and learning the way to come back to being “lit” – our mission is to create a community of mentally healthy, self-caring and brave women (and men) to overcome this syndrome and break through the modern affliction.


Yes, we do have.

Compassion – As creators of a small business with a sense of community, we are there for you in good and worse. You just ordered our product from Egypt and realised you might be sentenced to prison if the delivery gets caught? Silly, but we will cover for you even if you mess up—most of the time. Our customers are like our family – giving support and compassion is what would keep us sane.

Transparency – When we say vegan, 99% pure and concentrated, lab-tested, gluten and cruelty-free, we mean the truth. You deserve to know what you take in your body – life is too short for bad wine and bad CBD.

Responsibility – The geeky, dorkish kids we were, growing up into adulthood gave us the understanding that real, sustainable success is a long-run goal. Creating an impact is the ultramarathon we signed up for, and we never spared any effort in creating the product.


It's all good.

Our products are made from pure hemp containing non-detectable levels (no “highs” whatsoever). Once grown and harvested, our hemp plants go through a gentle extraction process that results in a 99 % pure and concentrated CBD rich hemp oil. We don’t use GMO’s, pesticide, herbicides, solvents or nasty fertilisers in any of our products and instead rely on only the best, natural ingredients available.

Our products are 100% tested and safe for usage.

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