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While the concept of anxiety and stress is a relatively common phenomenon that we experience in our daily lives, there is the need to understand that anxiety disorders are serious health issues that require treatment. Anxiety disorders are mental disorders that cause unnecessary anxieties and fears. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) reported that approximately 40 million people in the United States, representing about 18% of US citizens, experience stress and anxiety disorder yearly.

Anxiety and stress are however curable to a large extent. There are prescribed medications (such as citalopramfluoxetinesertraline, etc.) for the treatment of this disorder. Meanwhile, if you are the type that likes doing things naturally, there are several natural ways to curb the disorder.

Below are 10 simple natural ways to tackle stress and anxiety:

1. Exercise:

Research studies have proven that engaging in physical activities (exercises) are very helpful in getting rid of anxious energy. For instance, research studies conducted in 2015 and 2016 to show the effectiveness of body exercises in treating anxieties and stress, demonstrated a strong correlation between the two variables.  Participants showed a reduction in anxiety energy in their body system, thereby reducing their chances of experiencing an anxiety disorder.


2. Time management

If your cause of stress and anxiety is due to the numerous commitment and pending tasks on your desk, here is an essential tool you can employ to shrug off the anxious feelings. Psychologists advised that individuals must have a feasible work plan for our activities. You need to itemize and prioritize all the tasks that you need to do. This work plan makes it easy for you to attend to one task at a time, thereby relieve yourself of unnecessary pressures and in turn, increasing your productivity. With this time management strategy, you can easily manage stress and anxiety.


3. Avoid taking alcohol

Many people believe that the intake of alcohol is effective in tackling anxiety. Unfortunately, this is a mere misconception as medical practitioners have proven otherwise. Alcohol is known to be a natural sedative that can only calm you for a while. When you take a bottle or glass of alcoholic wine, you would feel relatively calm for a short period. However, this is only a mirage as the anxiety feeling would come back (most times harder), thereby causing body unrest. Hence, health practitioners strongly advise against taking excessive alcohol.


4. Avoid smoking

It might interest you to know that when you start smoking at an early age, you are prone to developing an anxiety disorder at some point in life. Yes, you read that. The above statement is not a fabricated assertion, but rather a scientifically proven fact. Health practitioners have also debunked the belief that smoking cigarettes can help in reducing anxiety and stress. Smoking cigarettes can only induce short term calmness without necessarily getting rid of the anxiety itself. However, the anxiety or stress aggravates after the effect of tobacco has faded off, thereby causing mental and physical unwellness. Also, research studies have revealed that nicotine and other chemicals found in cigarettes, disrupt brain functionality, thereby prompting anxiety and stress. Hence, avoiding cigarettes helps in reducing anxious feelings and stress.

5. Avoid taking caffeine

As an individual suffering from anxiety, you should completely avoid the intake of caffeine. Medical research studies have established that caffeine induces nervousness, anxiety, even fear disorders. It can also heighten panic attacks in people who suffer from panic disorders. Research studies have proven that avoidance of caffeine is very helpful in reducing anxiety energy, thereby improving the mental wellness of anxiety patients. As a result, you can effectively tackle anxiety disorder and stress if you avoid taking caffeine or reduce your intake of caffeine drastically.

6. Intake of camomile tea

The chamomile tea is a recommended recipe for adequate sleep and reduction of tensions and nervousness. As proven by a research study conducted in 2009, researchers divided participants into two, of which members of the first group were given some German chamomile capsules of 220mg five times in a day. Meanwhile, the other group members were given a placebo in place of chamomile tea. At the end of the study period, the participants who took the chamomile tea recorded an impressive improvement in their wellness as they experienced a more significant reduction in anxiety symptoms than the other participants who took a placebo.

7. Healthy diets

Food nutritionists have established that foods that contain high sugar affects the level of anxiety and temperament in people. Hence, if you suffer from anxiety disorders and stress, you should avoid foods with low blood sugar levels and foods that cause dehydration. Medical practitioners have proven that such foods may trigger mood changes in individuals. Also, foods with preservatives such as artificial colorings, artificial sweeteners, or flavors, affects the anxiety energy in individuals. As a result, you should stick to healthy diets if you want to curb anxiety disorder or stress.

8. Use CBD oil

Another thrilling strategy in eliminating anxiety is the use of cannabis oil (CBD). Cannabis plants produce cannabidiol is derived from the cannabis plant, and research studies have proven that it helps reduce anxiety symptoms in individuals. In 2010, a research study revealed that cannabidiol is essential in reducing anxiety symptoms in people suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD). The study showed that participants who took cannabidiol showed an improvement in the blood flow to the brain region, thereby improving their anxiety energy level. In 2015, there was an analysis of previous studies on cannabidiol, and the analysis revealed that CBD oil is very crucial in treating anxiety disorder, stress, panic disorder, among others. Hence, the consumption of CBD oil does not only help to improve your anxiety disorder, but it also enhances your mental and physical wellness.

9. Practicing deep breathing

Another efficient way to tackle anxiety and stress is deep breathing. Fast breathing, most times are linked to anxiety. When you feel anxious, your heart beats at a faster rate, which in turn results in dizziness and panic attacks. However, taking a deep or slow breath helps you to normalize blood flow from the heart to the brain, in that way, relieving your body system of pressures, stress, and anxiety. Hence, whenever you feel tense, overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed, take a deep breath to ease off unnecessary pressures. 

10. Get enough sleep

One of the amazing but effective ways to manage stress and anxiety is sleeping well. Most medical practitioners attribute insomnia with anxiety. Research studies also proved that anxiety patients are mostly affected by sleeplessness. Hence, let sleep be on your priority list, it helps in reducing your anxiety energy, stress, and tiredness.

Basic sleep tips to improve your sleeping habit includes:

  • Avoid using your phone in bed.
  • Avoid watching TV in bed.
  • Reduce the lighting in your bedroom.
  • Reduce your caffeine or nicotine intake.
  • Don’t make your bed your study room, drop all books when in bed.

The above tips should guide you and help in increasing your sleep time. Note that it is essential for you to get enough sleeping time. For adults, you need to sleep for 7-9 hours daily to maintain a healthy living. Children and teens need to sleep for more hours, about 8-10 hours daily.


While the recommended ways above are scientifically proven and effective natural ways to get rid of anxiety, it is instructive to mention that you cannot overrule medical advice and treatments. Hence, we advise that you consult a medical practitioner for appropriate treatments and therapy should the anxiety symptoms persist for an extended period.

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