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carrier oil for cbd

  CBD oil is an extract of the cannabis plant with several medical benefits. The oil is free from Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which induces the “highness” that people feel when they smoke cannabis. The absence of THC in CBD oil makes the oil less psychoactive, thereby making it safe for anyone’s consumption. Hence, you can use CBD oil without necessarily worrying about the negative effect of THC.


CBD oil is very essential in maintaining physical and mental wellness as recommended by medical experts. CBD oil has a potential of playing active roles in anxiety, chronic pains, depression, acne, heart diseases, epilepsy, cancer among others. Read тук. our full information of what CBD is.


The conventional CBD oil you can get in the market include but not limited to:

The type of CBD oil you should buy depends on what you intend to use the CBD oil as each variety of CBD oil have their unique functions. People often use olive oil, hemp seed, and MCT oil, amongst other types of CBD oil as these oils have several benefits that they can offer.

There are however several types of CBD oil, but you need to find the one that best suits you. Individuals react differently to different CBD oil; hence, it is best you know the type of CBD oil that works well with your body system.


Hemp seed oil

Hemp seed oil is a variety of CBD oil are extracts of hemp plants (a member of the cannabis family) that is mostly used for skincare. Hemp seed oil is mostly colorless and clear in nature. However, some other varieties of the oil vary color shades. They can be light green or dark in color.

Hemp seed oil is beneficial in maintaining glowing skin; it also works as anti-inflammatory and moisturizers. As a result, hemp oil improves the smoothness and mildness of the skin.

Aside from skincare, hemp seed oil has other great benefits that are safe and effective. One of the benefits of the hemp seed oil is cooking. Hemp seed oil is edible and safe for eating. Interestingly, it contains fatty acids, making it a healthy oil for household use. About 49% of a hemp seed oil is edible and also contains polyunsaturated fat. The unsaturated fats include linoleic acid, gamma-linoleic, alpha-linoleic, and stearidonic acid. Hemp seed oil is relatively lower in saturated fats when compared with culinary oils.

Hemp seed oil can also be used for wood finishing. The oil is a drying oil that can form a polymer-like substance. As a result, the hemp oil is combined with resins, solvents or oil to form polymers which are later used as vanishing or impregnator in wood finishing works. The hemp oil also fits well as a pigment binder or hardener (plasticizers).

When using hemp seed oil as edible, you can take 1-2 tablespoon of hemp seed oil per day, or you visit a medical practitioner (healthcare expert) for appropriate recommendations. Kindly note that when you take hemp seed oil in large quantities, it may lead to negative reactions in the body system.

Olive oil

This is another variety of CBD oil with several benefits. Olive oil is made with hemp CBD and contains cannabidiol, chlorophyll, a plant sterol, natural vitamin E, and other beneficial chemical compositions.

One of the benefits of CBD olive oil is its richness in monounsaturated fats, which makes it a healthy option for cooking. CBD olive oil comprises 14% of saturated fats, with 11% of polyunsaturated fats such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. The olive oil mostly contains monounsaturated fats (oleic acid). Research studies have established that oleic acid, the primary component of CBD olive oil helps reduce inflammation and battle genes that cause cancer. Hence, CBD oil has the potential to assist with healthy living.


CBD olive oil also contains effective antioxidants that are biologically energetic, as such it helps in reducing your risk of having chronic diseases. CBD Olive oil also helps in reducing the exposure of your blood cholesterol to oxidation; this, in turn, helps in lowering your risk of heart diseases.


Olive oil helps in battling heart diseases, a significant threat to human life in recent years. A research study was conducted to establish why Mediterranean countries have fewer cases of heart diseases relative to other regions. The study showed that Mediterranean diets which are therapy for heart diseases have high contents of olive oil. The olive oil helps in reducing inflammation, improving your blood vessels lining, and prevents unnecessary blood clotting.  The oil also reduces blood pressure, a major cause of heart diseases, and premature death.

Inflammation can lead to diseases like cancer, metabolic syndrome, heart diseases. However, one of the benefits of CBD olive oil is its effectiveness in reducing inflammation. The olive oil can lower the risk of inflammation with the presence of antioxidants such as oleocanthal, and ibuprofen.

Also, consuming olive oil does not lead to weight gains; that is, consumption of olive oil is not attached or linked to obesity or excess body fat accumulation. A study was conducted, using 7,000 Spanish students as participants. The participants of the study took a lot of CBD olive oil over 30 months. At the end of the study period, participants did not have an excess accumulation of body fats. There was another research study that involved 147 participants, in which participants took CBD olive oil for 3 years. The study results revealed that CBD Olive oil helps in increasing antioxidants levels in the blood, and body weight loss.


When taking CBD olive oil via the mouth, you should take about 28g or 2 tablespoons per day. Although excess consumption of CBD olive oil can be harmful to the body, healthcare experts have proven that CBD olive oil is safe for the human body system when you take it appropriately. 

Medium-Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil

MCT oil is a supplement extracted from coconut, and it is added to bulletproof coffee, salad dressing among others. As the name portends, the oil contains short to medium-length chains of fats. As a result, the fats are easily digested and decomposed in the body system.

The MCT oil is more effective when you mix it with CBD oil. Healthcare experts established that MCT CBD oil, the resultant oil induces the secretion of two powerful hormones (leptin and peptide) which enhances the wellness of the body system.

The MCT CBD oil also helps in reducing body fat, thereby inducing weight loss and preventing obesity. Another advantage of taking MCT CBD oil is that your body breaks down MCT in a different way, hence, your body burns calories.

MCT mixed with CBD oil also helps to provide your brain with the energy it needs for proper functionality and mental wellness. Aside from mental wellness, MCT provides the body with fuels that serve as energy. A study proved that athletes enjoy taking much MCT as it helps them in bodybuilding, provides body strength, and improves athletic capacity (mostly swimming).

Another thrilling benefit of MCT oil is that it can be an excellent therapy for managing critical conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, and autism. A study proved that children who take MCT oil record improvement in autism behavior. Another study also showed that a dose of MCT was beneficial in improving conditions of over 20 people who had Alzheimer’s disease.

Just like the previous variants of CBD oil, you should take not more than 2 tablespoons of MCT CBD oil per day. When you take too much of it, it can result in increased hunger and an increase in fat in the liver.



As established in this article, all types of CBD oil have special and unique benefits they offer. Hence, the best CBD oil you should take depends entirely on the problem you intend to solve. While hemp seed oil is amazing for skincare purposes, CBD olive oil is beneficial for reducing inflammation and controlling obesity. MCT oil is also helpful in providing energy for the body and improving brain functionality.

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