CBD Oil for Anxiety

We live in a world that is ever increasing in pace and activity – both the ones that are necessities and those that are frivolous. We often come across circumstances that seem daunting in our day to day activities, relationships, and even personal goals. It is not uncommon to feel rushed, out of place, unsure, unprepared, or lost in daily activity or norms, or even in the greater scheme of life events. These things breed stress and anxious feelings.

Anxious feelings occasionally are normal occurrences in everyone. But a mental disorder of anxiety is a serious challenge that leads to a myriad of other health problems in most individuals.

In 2017, statistics revealed that 3.8% of the world population suffered from anxiety. Reports say that one out of ten people diagnosed has mental health disorders globally. In recent years, with the increasing popularity of CBD and its associated products, more and more reports allude to the fact that CBD has the potential to treat anxiety disorders. This has led more people to turn to CBD as an alternative to synthetic drugs. Others combine CBD with such medications for treatment.

Preceding and in addition to this occurrence, more and more researches point to the use of CBD in the treatment of several medical conditions, including chronic pain and anxiety disorders like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and panic attacks.

In a world filled with thousands of pharmaceutical options, CBD becomes an attractive, if not natural, way to handle mental stress and anxiety.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a feeling of fear or apprehension about an impending event. It’s your body’s natural response to stress. An anxiety disorder, on the other hand, is a mental health disorder characterized by frequent feelings of worry, fear, or severe apprehension that are strong enough to interfere with your daily activities. This type of anxiety hinders you from doing things you enjoy or even from functioning for normal life activities. That is not just some nervousness or anxiousness.

Anxiety disorders are self-diagnosable. According to the  American Psychiatric Association, women are more susceptible to an anxiety disorder than men. Anxiety disorders are more common than cases of depression. They are experienced by people around the world of all ages, and if left untreated will get worse.

The main types of anxiety disorders include but are not limited to generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, phobias, social anxiety disorder (SAD) and separation anxiety disorder, all have the common symptoms of excessive fear and emotional distress. However, they differ in causes and more typical manifestations. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is an area often overlooked by most experts in dealing with the issue of anxiety.

Can CBD treat Anxiety?

Since the FDA approved CBD as a treatment for two rare forms of epilepsy, the discussion about whether CBD use as an anxiolytic is clinical has crescended. Although limited research to further propel this cause is presently available, what research we have indicates, by an ever-strengthening proposition, the possibility of anxiolytic CBD treatment.

Researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center opine that 2-AG, a molecule produced in the brain, activates the same receptors as cannabis that is protective against stress by reducing anxiety-causing connections between the two regions of the brain. They believe that the finding published in Neuron gives some insight into why some people use cannabis when they are under stress.

Another published study demonstrated the ability of CBD to serve as a potential treatment for anxiety, where 79.2% of human trials recorded a reduction in their symptoms. The study of the anxiolytic properties of CBD reviewed outpatients of a mental health clinic in Fort Collins, Colorado. For three months, the majority of the patients, most of whom received 25 mg of CBD in addition to their treatment, reported improvements after the first month of treatment. Another 78.1% reported improvement after the second month. However, 15.3% felt their symptoms exacerbated after the first month, and 19.5% reported similarly after the second month.

A double-blind study from 2019 also showed the potency of CBD in providing relief to Japanese teens suffering from anxiety disorders. Thirty-seven of them received 300 mg of CBD oil or a placebo every day for four weeks and assessed with surveys used to diagnose and measure social anxiety disorder (SAD). The results showed that relief from the symptoms conferred by CBD was similar to the effects of Paroxetine, an anxiolytic. Interesting to note was that nine of the seventeen teenagers, after treatment with the CBD oil, declared that they decided to pursue some form of treatment. It was remarkable because teenagers with SAD rarely seek help because of the stigma associated with the condition and fear interacting with therapists.

Again, in 2018, another study counter-wisely suggested that CBD may aggravate anxiety. This study included a small sample of people with paranoia and showed a worsening of anxiety. The symptoms of anxiety were determined by cortisol concentration, heart rate, and systolic blood pressure.

Yet in other researches, findings state that CBD could treat multiple sclerosis, cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, depression, and even PTSD.

How Does CBD help with Anxiety?

The human body possesses many different receptors. These are protein-based chemical structures attached to your cells and receive signals from various stimuli. Scientists postulate that CBD acts upon CB1 and CB2 receptors found in the central nervous system and the peripheral organs, respectively.

The exact way CBD affects CB1 receptors in the brain is not fully understood. However, there are assumptions that it alters serotonin signals. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that plays an important in your mental well-being. We observe low levels of serotonin in individuals with depression. Some cases of anxiety also show low levels of serotonin.

Cannabinoids exist in more familiar places than just the hemp or marijuana plants. Females produce cannabinoids in breast milk, which is necessary for the healthy development and growth of infants. This point implies that CBD plays a vital role in maintaining all-round health.

How to take CBD oil for Anxiety

Using CBD oil for anxiety requires more than just walking into a store to purchase a product. There is a need to understand how CBD oil works, the laws guiding the use of medical marijuana in your region and above all, you must understand your body chemistry.

Education is critical to effectively using CBD as a palliative or treatment of anxiety disorders. You need to understand the pros and cons of the various ingestion methods available to best determine the one that suits your requirements. Therefore, consulting with an expert is a wise step to take before starting on any CBD product.

Another good practice is to start low and go slow. Starting with a very low dose of CBD oil or any of the products and gradually increasing dosage over time is a very smart way to go in checking how you respond to CBD for anxiety treatment or any other ailment.

Because of the neurological nature of anxiety disorders, CBD must get into your bloodstream and work its way to your brain and nervous system before its anxiolytic properties manifest.

When choosing CBD products, it is important to note that broad-spectrum CBD products should be the most preferred for anxiety since they contain little to no THC compared with the full-spectrum. Please note that the presence of THC could worsen the anxiety levels of users. Broad-spectrum CBD products also produce a better effect than CBD isolates since they are capable of triggering an entourage effect.

Can CBD oil be taken with Anxiety Meds?

It is wise to consult a physician before starting treatment with CBD, especially if you are already on pharmaceutical medication for anxiety. Nonetheless, CBD is a naturally occurring or organic compound that is generally quite safe to ingest as part of a wellness regimen.

For the most part, individuals using CBD don’t experience adverse side effects from starting CBD while on other prescription medications.

CBD inhibits CYP450 liver enzymes that break down some medications, like blood thinners. This causes some anxiety medications, like Xanax or Ativan, to increase their side effects such as drowsiness or sedation. But this depends on how much CBD you ingest. The stronger the medication, the stronger the possible outcomes.

Why Kana Wonders?

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