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*Results from a survey sent in October 2020 to Kana Wonders customers 

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Продуктът е чудесен, чувствам се някак си себе си отново.

Finally a relief

My periods came along with the worst symptoms before I started using these drops. Now, every period comes pain and mood free.

I am a new person!!!!

Love, love, love this product. I am so grateful that I found it even though I was debating for almost a month shall I buy it. These cbd drops changed my life. I was suffering lately from an anxiety disorder. For all ladies out there living with chronic anxiety – do not hesitate, just try it.

Very good product

This is my second bottle and I see not only a great improvement with my anxiety and bad thoughts during the day but also my chronic pain. Every time when I am sorting the ready laundry on my bed, after 3-4 minutes I feel lower back pain which now is gone. Amazing! Really happy with how I am feeling.


Lifechanging! I am feeling pity that just now I found out about CBD.

It works

I can tell you the product is totally relaxing, helps me to chill, and it works.

Absolutely love this as a sleep aid.

In love with this as a sleep aid. Not only that my sleep is much deeper and consistent, but as a bonus helped me with the pain in my back from our new mattress.

Great support

Good potent product, and a company who knows how to treat their clients

Great for my yoga

Love this right before my yoga classes! I really can tell the difference.

Just started

Using CBD oil to relax, since I am not handling well the stress at my new workplace. The product helps me living in the present moment and not feeling worried when I am overloaded. I am not a fan of taking oils, but the peppermint makes the taste great.

Good CBD oil

Great CBD oil. Feeling far less stressed.

Great product

Love the mix of CBD with other plants. I think that this makes it stand out from the other CBD oils which I’ve used.

Game changer

For most of my life, sleeping has been a huge struggle — falling asleep and staying asleep. These CBD drops have been a game-changer – my sleep is uninterrupted and of higher quality.

Best purchase ever

Der beste Kauf aller Zeiten! Ich habe versucht, die negativen Auswirkungen von Arbeits- und Kinderstress loszuwerden, und ich habe es endlich gefunden.

Magical drops

"For the last 3 months, I am experiencing panic attacks on a weekly basis, which come without any trigger – out of the blue. I am taking the CBD oil on a daily basis as prevention. So far I am amazed by the results, didn’t experience them even once.
Hope not to be a placebo…or even if it is…I am enormously happy with the final result J"

1000 mg works better

Zuerst kaufte ich die 500 mg entspannen, nehmen Sie es einfach, aber nach 3-4 Wochen, fühlte ich, dass ich eine höhere Dosis brauche. Jetzt nehme ich 34 mg pro Tag, nach der Arbeit, und es funktioniert wirklich toll. Mein Freund hat mir gesagt, dass ich nie aufhören soll, es zu nehmen. LOL.

Something for us

I really like the idea that the products are designed for women and that they are working. P.S. I’ve tried only the one for stress 1000 mg.

Thnak you

My panic attacks have reduced considerably. Thank you!

Worked very well

I’ve never tried CBD but I am into essential oils. The blend for sleep is really good. I am sleeping much deeper and have some weird dream.

Excellent quality

The quality of this oil is excellent, and I am so happy that I decided to give CBD a try.

Great product

With half a dropper from the CBD drops for relax you have almost no choice but to calm down. I only use it when I really feel like I am going crazy with stress.

I like the broad-spectrum

Ich habe vorher Vollspektrum genommen, aber es gab Momente, in denen ich das Gefühl hatte, dass es meine Angstattacken verstärkt, mit Breitspektrum fühle ich mich viel besser.

I like the broad-spectrum

Ich habe vorher Vollspektrum genommen, aber es gab Momente, in denen ich das Gefühl hatte, dass es meine Angstattacken verstärkt, mit Breitspektrum fühle ich mich viel besser.

Best routine during COVID-19

For the first time in my life I am suffering from anxiety and can’t fall asleep till 4 am. For the last 3 weeks so far this is the best fighter against my corona mental problems J
At lunchtime I am taking 1/2 the work ritual and around 11 pm – ½ the goodnight fairytale. The quality of my sleep has improved dramatically and I wake up refreshed for the zoom meetings.

Best product

Meine Migräne ist buchstäblich verschwunden. Eine solche Erleichterung.