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Our Story


Do not compromize

We have designed Kana Wonders with just one goal in mind: ” The empowerment of women with zero compromise on their wellness. ”  

Our mission is to bring only the finest CBD products to the market and to lead the industry from the front.

We strive to educate women on the wonders and benefits of CBD products and we promise to deliver the industry’s highest quality standards across the board. 


Who we are?

Kana Wonders is a wellness company that aims to delights women with meaningful plant-based products that enhance their lives with the power of CBD. Designed for real woman by woman – we know exactly what it takes to make a fantastic product.

Branching out from the heart of Europe, we are laying claim to the industry, and quickly making a name for ourselves as the most trusted CBD retailer on the continent.

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What makes our products the best?

In the world of CBD, not all products are created equal and that is exactly why Kana Wonders has teamed up one of the leading biotech companies in Europe, allowing us to push the standards to the limit of what’s possible.

We put innovation at the forefront of all of our products, making sure that all of our customers receive only the best of the best.  


It’s All Good.

We are not bottling up chemicals, we are harnessing the rich powers of natures finest “wonders”. 

We don’t use GMO’s, pesticide, herbicides, solvents or nasty fertilizers in any of our products and instead rely on using only the best, natural ingredients available.

Our products are 100% tested and safe for usage.

100% tested





GMP certified


What actually goes into our products?

All of our products are made from pure hemp containing non-detectable levels of THC. Once grown and harvested our hemp plants go through a gentle extraction process that results in a 99 % pure and concentrated CBD rich hemp oil.

From this CBD rich oil, we make a host of different CBD rich products, specially designed for the woman body & soul, with complete control over the cannabidiol concentration.

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No "high" whatsoever

All CBD oils get their wellness properties from the non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in the hemp plant, cannabidiol (or CBD for short.)

Hemp is rich in CBD, yet only contains traces of the intoxicating cannabinoid THC, meaning that you can reap all of the medicinal properties of the plant, without receiving any kind of ‘high.’

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