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Together with the beloved by all Metta Space, we’ve made an amazing PMS Duo just for you: our CBD drops “Let’s period better” and a 60-minute special Sahasi Women’s Massage


Ancient therapy from the east


This therapy was specially developed by Indian physician and surgeon Dr. Sanjivani-Taruna to care for the delicate female body by supporting the reproductive system, lymph, breast tissue and endocrine glands.

It is a combination of smooth, soft massage movements with organic sesame oil (known for its healing properties in Ayurveda), activation of vital energy – Marma points and light releasing stretches.

The massage and Marma point release the blockages on the fine channels, which allows the free flow of Prana to the organs; stimulating the lymph, helps to cleanse the accumulated toxins in the chest, which is one of the main causes of their disease according to Ayurveda; increases blood supply and revitalizes breast tissue.

The massage is focused on the upper body, starting from the back, followed by the neck, décolleté, arms, lymphatic drainage of the armpits, abdomen, chest, face and head.

In addition to taking care of women’s overall health, Sahasi women’s massage brings deep relaxation to the body and mind.
It is the most tender support during the lunar phases. It is suitable for every woman who wants to take care of herself and fully enjoy her femininity.

The therapy is performed by the certified yoga teacher and massage therapist – Veselka Sukdeve.

Dedicated to the yogic path to self-knowledge, she discovered her teachers in India. Trained by the doctor / surgeon and Osho Sanyasin – Dr. Sanjivani, Taruna. She has attended her 21-day Breast Care Program several times, attending short seminars in Bulgaria, Romania and Greece. She is certified in “Sahasi Women’s Massage”, “Ayurvedic Yoga Massage” by the method of Master Kusum Modak and classical Thai Massage at the Thai Massage School of Chang Mai, Thailand.

In 2018 he enrolled in Hatha Yoga training at the Kaivalyadhama Yoga and Ayurveda Institute – Lonavla, India.
During his visits to India, he practiced Osho’s meditative therapies and meditations such as “No Mind”, “Born Again”, “Mystic Rose”, “Talking to Body and Mind”, “Nadabrama”, “Kundalini”.


Let's period better

Why you will love it?

This botanical blend is going to be your BFF during those 🩸  days. 

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We recommend beginning with ½ dropper (25 mg) as needed to reduce PMS symptoms in the body. In the heavy days you can apply up to 2 – 3 times daily.

Good to know

🌪  Before you take, you must shake!

⏰  Take daily for maximum benefit.

⛅️  Keep out of direct sunlight and bellow 25°C.



Total CBD: 750 mg. Broad-spectrum Hemp CBD leaf extract.

Serving per container: 30 

Serving: 1/2 dropper

CBD per serving: 25 mg.

Size: 15 ml  / 0.5 oz

Ingredients list

Ingredients: 750 mg Cannabis Sativa L. extract (CBD – Cannabidiol), Organic Oenothera Biennis (Evening Primrose) Oil, Organic Borago Officinalis (Borage) seed Oil, Copaifera officinalis (Copaiba) resin, Organic Salvia sclarea (Clary Sage) Oil, Organic Achillea millefolium (Yarrow) Flower Extract.

Laboratory tests

All of our products are designed, tested, batched and bottled in the EU.

This product is made under pharmaceutical control, in a facility which is GMP certified through ISO 22716-2007 & ISO 9001 – 2008.

 * Keep out of the reach of children. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult with your doctor if you are pregnant, lactating, taking any medication or have medical conditions.

Broad spectrum CBD for full potency

Tested & re-tested
by 3rd party lab

Organic certified ingredients




Frequently Asked Questions

Metta is a space to explore ways to relax and connect with yourself in the city. They are achieving this slow-living state of mind & body through salt rooms for rest, flotation (weightless sailing), different massage therapies, a place for events and a small bar.
They organize meditations, solo practices, group work, exhibitions, film screenings and more.


The PMS Duo includes a fill size bottle of our CBD PMS drops and 60-minutes special massage for women “Sahasi”.

Once your order is completed, we will send you via email a gift card for the massage. You can make your appointment  directly by calling Metta Space:

+359 884 00 87 96

47 Cherni vrah blvd.,
Business Center Vitosha, South entr., 1 floor
1407 Sofia, Bulgaria

Please note that the status of your order have to be “Completed”

For cash on delivery orders means that you need to receive our PMS drops from the courrier company. 

Overall benefits for women:

  • Hormonal balance
  • Relieves the general condition and symptoms of PMS, menopause and menopause
  • Take care of overall breast health and tone
  • Effects well as concomitant therapy in: amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea and infertility
  • Reduces the risk of stretch marks during sudden changes in weight
  • Softens hard tissue after implant placement
  • Creates a deep and conscious connection with the body and feelings

Sahasi Women’s Massage is not recommended for the following conditions:

temperature; infectious / viral disease; after drinking alcohol; recent operations; skin diseases; during chemotherapy; skin burns; inflammation; undiagnosed lumps, swelling or pain; cardiovascular diseases; psoriasis / eczema; osteoporosis; nervous or psychotic states; crab; epilepsy; diabetes

Before the massage it is recommended: to be on an empty stomach, at least 2 hours after the last meal; comfortable wedge

After the massage it is recommended: not to drive; drink more water; more time to rest.

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