Made with only the highest-quality CBD extract available, these broad-spectrum oil drops are 100% organic, 100% vegan, and loaded with the terpenes, polyphenols, and flavonoids broad-spectrum CBD oil brings to the table to transform your health immediately.

The CBD used in this broad-spectrum oil is sourced from only the most trusted suppliers globally, certified to be organic as well as vegan and about as pure as you find on the market today.

Because this CBD oil is broad-spectrum it contains all of the cannabidiol and health compounds that would have been destroyed with further distillation. The only thing removed from this CBD oil is THC – and it is extracted completely from these drops, guaranteed.

The MCT oil included in this relaxation focused formula promotes improved cognitive functions that will help with critical thinking, armor your mind against stress and pressure, and even help you remember better going forward.

These medium-chain triglycerides help to improve other aspects of your health and wellness as well, and each individual dosage of Relax, Take It Easy works to boost your short and long-term health prospects significantly.

Rounding out the formula is the high-quality peppermint essential oil extracts chosen not only for their relaxation and restorative benefits but for their ability to improve your immune system response and to soothe your mind and your muscles.

Relax, Take It Easy provides all of these powerful biochemicals in a highly bioavailable formula that guarantees almost immediate absorption into your bloodstream. That means this broad-spectrum CBD oil starts working a lot faster and continues working long after other CBD oils stop producing results.

We all know that we are living in the middle of the most fast-paced and stressful time in human history, with challenges and obstacles around every corner.

Our lives are getting more and more hectic, more ever-connected, and more sped up than ever before – and we are starting to see our mental and physical health collectively take a nosedive because of all this extra pressure.

Well, with the help of The Work Ritual formula you’ll be able to push back against this hyper-speed acceleration – gaining better control over your mind, your body, your health, and your energy levels with the help of broad-spectrum CBD and Mother Nature.

Containing only the highest quality, 100% all-natural, and 100% organic broad-spectrum CBD extract (500 mg of CBD in every bottle), you’ll be able to reset your mind and armor it for the day ahead with absolutely no difficulty whatsoever.

Highly bioavailable, this broad-spectrum CBD oil is loaded with all of the biochemicals and cannabidiol components that would have been lost with a more traditional CBD oil extraction. This means you’ll get the terpenes, flavonoids, and polyphenols that make CBD so special in sky-high dosages – all without any THC making its way into your daily dose search!

We have also included MCT Oil in this formulation specifically because of its ability to improve overall brain and cognitive function, to elevate your energy and endurance levels naturally (without a crash later down the line), and because of its ability to really focus you.

The açai oil included in our Work Ritual formula also helps to energize your body, flooding you with potent antioxidants that will improve your health and wellness, better oxygenate your blood, and give you the mental edge you need to not just compete but thrive in today’s fast-paced world.

Our Work Ritual formula is rounded out with rosemary and lemon essential oils, both of which were carefully selected because of their consistent abilities to alleviate feelings of anxiety and depression as well as energy level boosting benefits they make possible.

Engineered to help women eliminate the stress and frustration hot flashes, mood changes, and dryness caused by your period or menopause with a 100% all-natural and organic solution that begins working (almost) right away, this formula is built on the back of high quality and potent broad-spectrum CBD.

Containing all of the cannabidiol, terpenes, flavonoids, and polyphenols present in hemp (all biochemicals that are commonly destroyed during a more traditional CBD extraction process), you’ll get the full power of Mother Nature in these oil drops.

On top of that, thanks to the proprietary broad-spectrum CBD oil extraction process we take advantage of you’ll never have to worry about THC making its way into this product. All of our broad-spectrum CBD options are guaranteed to be THC free.

The rest of the formula is rounded out nicely with MCT oil designed to help even out your mood and improve your energy levels, as well as evening primrose oils to better modulate your hormonal responses during this time of the month.

Combine that with borage oils that calm down inflammation and work to alleviate menopause symptoms while reducing cramps as well as copaiba essential oils that are potent anti-inflammatories and your period and menopause issues will disappear almost right away.

Our Goodnight Fairy Tale formula starts with our broad-spectrum CBD oil extract, sourced from only the highest quality hemp available on the market today.

We make sure that our CBD oil extract suppliers are working with certified organic plants, provide 100% vegan extracts, and can guarantee a certain level of bioavailability and potency that make our broad-spectrum solutions work as well they do.

The broad-spectrum CBD oil extract in this formula is also guaranteed to be THC free, so you’ll never have to worry about that, either.

MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) oil is another backbone ingredient of this Goodnight Fairy Tale formula, providing for improved bioavailability of all ingredients but also adding health boosting benefits of its own, too.

There is a mountain of research available to improve the positive impact that MCT Oil has on the body and the brain, not only helping to improve cognitive function, problem-solving, but to armor the body and mind against stress and anxiety.

We’ve added legendary all-natural sleep aid chamomile to our Goodnight Fairy Tale formula as well. Chamomile has been used for hundreds of years around the world to help people fall asleep faster and more consistently, but it also provides digestive benefits, anxiety and stress relief benefits, as well as anti-inflammatory and pain relief benefits.

Our Ylang-Ylang essential oil extracts are one of the most ancient natural medicines in the world, used traditionally in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines and aromatherapy treatments. We use these essential oils in our sleep aid formula to help soothe your mind, put your body at ease, and to help you gently drift off to sleep almost immediately after you take this broad-spectrum CBD solution.

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