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WONDER WOMEN WEEKLY: AOC who may be America’s next president


Imagine you combine Beyonce, Emmanuel Macron, and Frida Kahlo into one political figure – you might get a sense of how this week’s Wonder Woman rules America’s Capitolia. Alejandra Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) is the nightmare of white male supremacists, the youngest congresswoman to this date,  and one of the most eloquent and influential speakers in America’s political stage.

“I am someone’s daughter too.”

Relatively fresh in political life, Alejandra entered the public eye quickly by defending herself with a hammering speech after being publicly offended by Republican Ted Yoho on the steps of Capitolia. As Yoho descended the steps, he called her a “fucking bitch.”

A reporter nearby witnessed the exchange, and soon the whole world had heard the epithet. Stepping down for her rights, protecting women voices and orally smashing the male supremacy, 48-hours later, Alejandra called up on Yoho’s behaviour. “I am someone’s daughter too” spawned headlines, T-shirts, hashtags and memes after the allegedly shared speech.  “I want to thank him for showing the world that you can be a powerful man and accost women,” she told the House. “It happens every day in this country.”

The Boogyman of the Democrats is a woman.

Her calling on Yoho’s act cemented her status as a neopolitical icon. A break of the status-quo, of white supremacism, of patriarchy – just what the world needs more of. As powerful in her speech, as elegant and empowered in her looks – Alexandria is a skilled orator with the power to move even her most cynical congressional colleagues.

She would share with a wry smile how well she surprised them with her eloquence.  Honestly, if you watch her speeches, you may feel a burst of energy and hope, may even consider a political career – that’s how inspiring Alejandria is. And you may have noticed by now she is a person of colour.

Ossified patriarchy might be at risk with the projections for the next presidential elections with Kamala Harris competing Ocasio-Cortez. Her humble and down to earth response to the projections is sprinkled with her signature sense of humour. “I think it’s part of our cultural understanding of politics, where—if you think someone is great, you automatically think they should be president,” she says. “I joke. I’m like, ‘Is Congress not good enough?’ ”

The threats make her stronger.

You can imagine how dangerous it could be to stand up and oppose the status quo. Alexandria would grill anyone who is taking advantage of their position and stamping down human rights. See how she would tear Mike Zuckerberg apart at a cross-examination in congress for Facebook’s policy of allowing political ads containing false or misleading information.

With the same determination, she would challenge the House Oversight Committee to a “lightning round game,” shedding light on the US financial system and political corruption Trump’s presidency embodies. She is fearless even in the face of actual death threats. “I used to wake up in the morning and get a stack of pictures that Capitol police or FBI forwarded. Like, ‘These are the people who want to kill you today.” You may notice the sense of black humour this Puerto Rican uses to slap the bitterness off Life’s face.


It’s said that the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Well, were we more like AOC, the world definitely would have been a better place. Like this time in the detention centre at the Texas border, just as the horrors of the Trump administration’s family separation policy strike, Alexandria refuses to leave the premises. Her empathy goes beyond the necessary ego political career requests.

The 29-years old former bartender is pressing her fingers on the pulse of Democracy using social media power. Instead of trolling, though, she would win over her followers with meaningful humane content. You can see how spontaneous she is – remarking her “disgusting facemask” stained with makeup foundation while commenting on a 15-minute IGTV Derek Chauvin’s trial and verdict.

With 8,8 million on Instagram, followers will tune in to watch with equal interest her political commentaries and repotting plants or cooking skills. “She is one of us” the Millenials of colour and not only may say and this is one of the most powerful assets this woman has. The statistics show that the critical mass is building for a tipping point where white colour is no longer overriding everyone else. With more politicians like AOC, colour may not even matter anymore.

The Hopeful Future

Ocasio-Cortez represents the future of the Democratic Party. She is young, with Hispanic roots, a democratic socialist coming at the right time when confidence in capitalism is declining. She is as stylish, as intelligent and brave, sometimes “a bit dicey” of a voice for Democrats for their speech time in congress.

She may start her speech like that: “I am the bad guy… which… half of the room would’ve agreed anyway”, to then marvellously slayer in oral proof of concept that the system is wrong

The woman everyone calls AOC is as much a villain to the right as she is a hero to the left. Controversial but really on point. 

The political phenomenon she is, AOC will share legislative loopholes, will protest alongside the workers who were on strike in January, explain COVID spendings and by the way – she would like effortlessly fabulous whilst doing so. A truly charming, intelligent democrat of colour – reminding us of a past president…

 Maybe the congresswoman who has a picture of Wonder Woman leaning in one of the walls at her office, and a giant cardboard cutout of Cardi B’s face in another, will have the guts to bring the change we all hope to see.

Millennial’s troubles

It’s only apparent by now that the Millenial Problem is everyone’s problem. You are wondering what that might be? Well, let’s start with the student-loan debt 44 million Americans enter their adulthood with. Alexandria was no different living pay-check to pay-check throughout her early twenties. Struggling with finances and expressing political interests from school, Alexandria made a precious jewel of Democrats Scouters.

 Once it became clear that Sanders wouldn’t win the nomination, a few of his former staffers formed a Brand New Congress group. The idea was to recruit progressives who weren’t wealthy or well–connected white so a future progressive President would have allies in the legislature. Starting simply as leverage, now AOC is one of the most substantial assets in the Democratic party.

She lived the working-class life, a person of colour, a millennial, who got a problem with how politics happen in America. Now, everyone has a 5 foot 4 inches problem. Especially the status-quo – be it Republican, Democrat, white or of colour.

Picture of Elena Sergova

Elena Sergova

Storyteller, journalist and freelance production fixer Elena has over 10 years of experience in Bulgarian lifestyle magazines (Amica, L'Europeo, Capital , InGlobo). Her on-field journalistic instincts mixed with experience in digital marketing, a go-getter attitude and Balkan recklessness make the solid compound of a successful production fixer journey.

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